Age: Old
Height: Shrinking
Weight: Fluctuating
Hair: Changing by the day
Eyes: Watching
Skating since :1974

Basically I’m a Street skater who converted to transition during the summer of 2000 when the local SD Mission Valley YMCA combi-bowl opened up. I had never skated a pool and I hated it at first, could barely keep a line going, but stuck with it and eventually started to figure it out. Fortunately, I was skating with so many rippers and future rippers that there was no choice but to excel. A few years later I started riding for Pool King and was fortunate enough to shape a board that fits my needs which Pool King has dubbed the “Reform School” model.

Since then, I have become predominantly a bowl/transition skater. Once you get into the pool mode, it is tuff to get out of the mindset. Snowboarding, wakeboarding and of course Surfing have all played important roles in my skating evolution but without a doubt, snowboarding is by far the most important cross training combo, albeit the most catastrophic with regards to injuries .

Between all the board sports, the travelling (my second passion) and my General Contracting career, the most important bonus since getting back into skating has been being fortunate enough to skate with and befriend some of the most talented and inspirational people of my life. At the end of the day, that is what this sport is all about, a good session, lots of laughs and hopefully a few new tricks in the bag….

Peace out